Our Solutions

Our client's primary issues of vendor management, cost control and required comprehensive billing, will be addressed by SuperShip Solutions Inc.. We are able to control costs by providing our clients a choice of carriers and services based on their individual needs.

SuperShip Solutions Inc. Methodology

Managing cost and time sensitive express shipping, transport and freight services has become increasingly challenging in today's corporate environment. The effective utilization of a diverse variety of carriers and services is necessary to compete in today's fast paced global market. SuperShip Solutions Inc. has many years of experience and expertise in implementing multi-carrier solutions, therefore producing a complete courier management solution for our clients. Utilizing our extensive global network allows a corporation to continue using the carrier and products of their choice while having total control of invoicing, tracking, pricing and supply ordering.

Our Team

Our client services team is available to assist clients with service support. We are here to answer all of your inquiries about our varied shipping services. Our team will provide expedient answers to management questions on billing, tracking, and shipping options, keeping you up to speed with the critical information you need.

Cost/Savings Analysis

A review of a prospective client's present shipping practices is performed through an in-depth analysis of the client's existing overnight carrier invoices. We are then able to estimate cost reductions on express shipping.

SuperShip Solutions Inc. Consulting Services

Our professional consulting team has the experience and expertise you need to align your IT vision and business goals for every stage of technological planning, deployment, and support. We offer a full range of solutions and services in order to seamlessly integrate your existing shipping system with the SuperShip Solutions Inc. platform.